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Behavior Change Design: A Comprehensive Yet Practical Approach to Improving Health Outcomes
November 12, 2020
Online, 12pm ET

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We live in an age where most of the pressing health issues we face as a society can be linked directly or indirectly to underlying social and behavioral determinants. These two issues present not only significant challenges to healthcare providers but also to payers seeking cost-effective ways to manage population health and provide value. Supporting people in living healthier lifestyles is, therefore, a fundamental concern for both affected and at-risk populations as well as for healthcare payers, providers, caregivers, and governments.

But how do we best support people in adopting and sustaining health promoting and protective behaviors, and reducing or avoiding health-risk behaviors over the course of a lifetime? The answer, lies of course, in the ever-maturing science of behavior change. The past decade has materialized a renaissance of theory-and-evidence-to-practice approaches that focus not only on identifying ‘what works’ when it comes changing behavior for a given problem, population, and context but also on how these techniques can be used to deploy interventions through any channel to change behavior and achieve meaningful outcomes.

This webinar will present an overview of the essential components of modern, applied behavioral science, and a process model for the design, implementation, and evaluation of effective behavior change interventions.

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Dustin DiTommaso
Job Title
SVP Behavior Change Design